Air Quality Index (AQI) is a system for reporting the severity of air quality levels in a way that is easy to understand. The index ranges from 0 to 500, where higher index values indicate higher levels of air pollution. It’s totally easy only with those controls,  AirVisual Pro can detect both of indoor and outdoor air quality that could be accessed both offline and online (application). Based on Air Quality Index in Cikarang, it indicates unhealthy for sensitive group with main pollutant is PM 2.5. It also suggested to close the window and get air purifier or also mean it’s possible to indoor air quality damaged by outdoor air quality. Measures air pollution by combining laser technology and AI so AirVisual Pro is able to deliver immediate and accurate air quality level, as well as intuitive recommendations. Air Quality includes functions such as outdoor air quality monitoring, collection, and measurement of free air pollutant samples to evaluate the status of the atmosphere against clean air standards and historical information, and stationary source emission monitoring to collect and use measurement data (or other information) on each emission source. stationary (i.e., facilities, factories, processes, the performance of emission control devices, or to verify work practices).

The purpose of introducing Air Quality to the public is so that they can understand the air condition in their environment. So they have a higher level of awareness to maintain good air quality and can protect themselves from the harmful effects of air pollution.