SetSail BizAccel President Univ Receives BUiLD Project Team Visit

12 Sep, 2022

SetSail BizAccel President University (PresUniv) received a visit from the Building Universities in Leading Disaster Resilience (BUiLD) team, Tuesday (30/8). The visiting team was led by Nadine Sulkowski, Senior Lecturer in Hospitality Management, University of Gloucestershire, as the project lead, and Paul Schober, Head of Information Technology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, United States. Also attending the visit were Handa S. Abidin, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, and Fennieka Kristianto, S.H., M.H., M.A., M.Kn., Vice Rector for Resources, PresUniv.

BuiLD is a project supported by Erasmus. Dr. Ir. Yunita Ismail Masjud, M.Sc., Lecturer of Environmental Engineering Study Program, PresUniv, said, “One of the outputs of this project is the establishment of a Center of Excellence (CoE) at PresUniv called the Center of Environment, Disaster Resilience, and Sustainability (CEDRS).” During this visit, accompanied by Rendika Nugraha S.T., MBA, PreUniv lecturers, Nadine and Paul were shown some of the main activities that have been and will be carried out by PresUniv.

Among other things, waste management activities to encourage a circular economy from waste; weather monitoring using Davis purchased from BuilD funding; J Smart which is an application regarding the environmental, social and economic conditions of the Jababeka industrial area; start up regarding portable solar panels that can be used in disaster conditions; to mental health games that can be used to improve the mental condition of disaster victims. In addition, it also showcased how PresUniv is using Virtual Reality (VR) software obtained from BUiLD to provide training in disaster resilience for the academic community and the community as a whole. (Silvia Desi Betrice, PR team. Photo: Silvia)