Vision of CEDRS

A center of excellence dedicated to promoting and initiating sustainable development practices based on empirical research, innovative solution, professional training and curriculum development with focus on disaster resilience and sustainability.


Mission of CEDRS

  1. To develop relevant research, training programs and partnership projects with innovative and sustainable approach as the core component.
  2. To safeguard the nation from natural and man-made disasters through raising
    awareness, capacity building, adaptation and risk mitigation towards a more
    sustainable economic development and ecological balance.
  3. To formulate an inclusive and reliable ecosystem of relevant stakeholders to
    coordinate and tackle sustainability issues in a planned, integrated and
    comprehensive manner.


Objectives of CEDRS

  1. Campus Sustainability : to foster a university culture which cares for economic sustainability, ecological balance and contributes to the betterment of local and regional community
  2. Research, Training & Curriculum Development : to foster excellence as a center for research, training and deliver academic content on environment solutions and economic sustainability
  3. Community Partnerships : to develop research, training and deliver academic content on environmental solutions and economic sustainability
  4. Sustainability Ecosystem : to create a collaborative culture by forging partnerships with diverse stakeholders from higher education, private, public and development sectors to impact on policy.
  5. Self-financing Capability : to develop the center’s self-financing capability for the long-term.


Organization of CEDRS