Technology is increasingly developing in the current era of digitalization. The use of technology in education is also increasing because learning is done online. The benefits of technology are as a means of supporting the community and educators to seek broader information, facilitating access to learning, and increasing interest in learning. One of the technologies that can be used in Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Virtual Reality (VR) technology is a breakthrough solution that can help educators provide more enjoyable learning so that it can provide greater enthusiasm for people who need this VR training. The purpose of this VR training is to holding a disaster preparedness simulation activity include providing information and knowledge about earthquake preparedness, training the public in dealing with earthquake natural disaster emergencies, and encouraging the ability of the community to reduce the risk of natural disasters.. it is not uncommon for fires to occur in various areas. So that when people already have an idea when facing a disaster, it is hoped that they can protect themselves well so that they can reduce casualties.